Cow leather is sold in several weights. Thin enough for garment use (.8 Millimeters = 2 ounces), others for upholstery (1.2-2.4 Millimeters = 3-6 ounces) and some that exceed that thickness for other uses (7 & 8 ounces). Hides are sold in half (20-25 Sq. Ft.) to full (40-50+ Sq. Ft.). It depends on the item, which are stocked in half or full. Most can be done in either for custom productions. (Measured in length and width – imagine the side of a cow and double that image for the mirroring other side). This is natural, imperfect in shape, so leave room for excess when measuring patterns. Cow is resilient with little stretch, although many are tanned to be quite soft but remain tough and durable. See the ‘Guidance’  for more information.

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