ONLINE ORDERING more thoughts…

Soon, we will be adding A LOT of TRIM SPOOLS that are In Stock, to the site, under the TRIM link. The idea is to make the site more accessible to SHOP from, for everyone. I was recently asked, do we have an online store? Presently, one can go to the SHOP link and purchase custom work from a NYC Artist we collaborate with. The other items are ALL FOR SALE BUT…there should be SOME discussion before, to make the correct purchase. The CHOICE of leather and suede materials vary greatly, according to the application and use. Many items will this year, be offered for sale without picking up a phone to order. One could essentially do this now. The communication can be done through emails. Free swatches are offered with most items even for tangible reference, same-day sent images, with payment being made through our Paypal account at EVERYTHING on the site is FOR SALE and IN STOCK except some of the custom items under ‘Art on Leather.’ Many have been purchased but they remain online as a SHOWCASE of what our Resident Artist, Santiago, is capable of.

That being said, the below is a conversation taken directly from an email this morning with a new potential buyer. It is from a person wanting to make a garment and purchase leather for the project. I offer this anonymously with no disrespect, being done to improve email communication between us all. It is common to receive very little information at first, which cannot offer a valid response and lead to a proper exchange. We sometimes have to ask several times for an address, where to send swatches. Please offer images, details and information that can help us help you make the correct choice for your application. In the initial email, you may as well begin telling us your ideas and thoughts of what the desired outcome will be.

We offer returns for store credit only in most cases. If the error is ours, yes, we will accept a return for refund. We would really prefer avoiding this, as you are pleased with the materials received through a little more patience and thought. Thank you all for your continued support, as we navigate an intangible, ‘tech’ world, where our timeless, tangible materials will hopefully remain relevant. As we all hide behind our devices and keyboards, we ask to communicate better and continue to use that human bond, to sustain a better business world for us all. – Demitri


QUESTION – ‘I want to make a 2X jacket using leather but I do not know what quantity of leather to buy. Please Help.’
You can use thin cow But softer garment weight lamb leather probably works better here. Is it a Womens Size 2x? 
Chest and waist radius, arm length from center of neck? Overall length? A lot of pockets? If the style has more detail, that has to be cut from the remaining material. Any dimensions would help. Perhaps you have a sketch or reference item image you can share here?
Leather hides vary quite a bit in size, from 5 square feet to almost double that. You pay per square foot, so it is key to focus on this. There will always be extra material when working with leather. The goal is to have enough but not go way over. 
Please answer the above and we.will send the number of hides needed and a price range. Lastly, of great importance. What Color?  Is it plain or a specialized finish like pearl or metallic?
Thank you, speak soon.